Projects You Should Support

I have a creative mind. I’m always developing ideas but they fall through due to not having the means to create them. I’m working on a few projects right now. Most of them are books however I have two that aren’t books. I was exploring various crowdfunding sites to see if there were any campaigns similar to the ideas I have. I noticed various projects that I would love to financially support but right now I can’t.


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I decided to dedicate a blog post to these campaigns.  I don’t know any of these organizers personally  but I believe in their cause. If you are able to support please do so. If you can not give financially please share the word and past the information on.

The Black Vampire Project: Birth of a Dark Nation

  • The video caught my attention. I feel Rashid did a very good job on the informational video as well as the detailed of what the contributions will cover. The campaign page provided a lot of information. I feel this campaign should be supported because this project is not in the typical “African American” genre. The synopsis made me want to read more about the Black Vampires that came to America in the transatlantic slave trade.

The Choice I Made When I Was Twenty-Three

  • This book tackles homosexuality and the belief in God. The author is sharing his personal experiences with being homosexual and struggling with his belief in God. I think this book is beneficial to our young people. There are so many young people who struggle with their sexuality and don’t feel it’s anyone they can talk to. I think Mark has a powerful story to tell and if you can contribute it could change someone’s life.

Married: But It Can Happen

  • Renee’s project is also a personal story. She needs funds to self-publish her story about how she contracted HIV from her husband, yes her husband. This story needs to be shared because HIV is an epidemic in the African American community. Renee’ wants to educate other about her life living with HIV and ” dating, school, the birth of children, depression, suicidal thoughts, and what it takes for someone who has gone through all of this to move forward and come out on top.” This is a story that needs to be heard.

Black Girls Write Too!

  • This is not a book however the organizer April want to utilize her previously published book Life Resolutions as a catalyst to promote positive image among African American girls. She wants to provide workshops within her community to help these young women with self-awareness, relationship building and many other tasks. I’m an advocate for positive self-image among African American young girls and I feel this project should be supported.

For Sizakele: A Queer African Novel

  • This book is a fiction novel that follows 3 young women as one struggle with her sexuality and learning to love herself. This book should be supported because there aren’t many novels out there for queer women of color. From the organizer’s indiegogo site “beautiful novel that addresses queer African gender, transcontinental identity, inter-partner violence and how we love as the ultimate illuminator of who we are.”

If you can please donate. If not share the word.

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